Research & Insight

Global AgInvesting (GAI) Research & Insight is the preeminent source of market research, insight, observation and information for the investment community with an interest in agriculture and related sectors. This critical resource is produced by HighQuest Partners, LLC, a leading strategy and consulting firm providing services to the global investment, agriculture, and biofuel industries.

GAI Research & Insight provides improved transparency, information and research on the sector for the benefit of all industry stakeholders including investment managers, end-investors, agribusiness industry executives, and services firms including legal, accounting, consulting, asset management and advisory.

In addition to the research available to members here on our website, we also provide the following services:

  • White Label Research: Sometimes companies want to outsource part of their research and analysis activities, but they still want to sell the end results featuring their own brand. For these clients, GAI Research & Insight provides a white label research service. We can work either as an extension of your in-house research team helping you expand your coverage, or as a completely out-sourced research division of your organization, publishing end-to-end research reports, under your brand.
  • Custom Research: GAI Research & Insight undertakes commissioned research projects for organizations in the investment and agriculture industries on a wide array of subjects ranging from macroeconomic forecasting to outlooks for individual sectors, crop types, investment geographies, etc. As well as our full-time staff, we have a network of outside specialists and academic experts who can be called upon to work with us on particular projects.

For additional information on how we can meet your research needs, please contact