New Harvest Investment Management


New Harvest is an investment management firm that focuses solely on Australasian Agricultural assets.

According to Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, “”the Australian Ag sector requires $110bn in investment over the next decade to meet the food demands of an Asian protein consumer base that is expected to grow by 500%.””

The mission of New Harvest Investment Management (NHIM), with its collection of investment specialists and experienced asset operators is to be the conduit between financial capital and productive agricultural assets.

The highly qualified, industry-leading team has a track record of building major portfolios and running large scale agricultural enterprises.

At NHIM we combine operator experience with investment analysis to build portfolios that have sector, geographic and product diversity. We see the ownership of water as a key driver to profitability and risk diversification.

NHIM has established the New Harvest Investment Fund 1 (NHIF#1) to service wholesale and professional investors seeking a scaled and investable portfolio of diversified Australian Agricultural assets.

The Manager co-invests alongside Investors and is genuinely aligned to the long-term performance of the fund.


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