Israel, a small country, with a scarcity of natural resources, pioneered numerous solutions to make the desert bloom. Uniquely positioned as a source of agtech innovation, Israel has 300+ research groups and a strong culture of multidisciplinary problem solving.

In 2012, the first AgriVest showcased Israeli agtech to international investors and industry leaders. By 2016, the ecosystem for agricultural technologies — and the AgriVest tradition — had been firmly established.

The challenge facing growers and multinationals alike is the same: to grow more with less — more crops and more food with less land, less water, and less energy.

AgriVest addresses this challenge by bringing together leaders from industry, business, and government in a forum focused on the trends, the inventive solutions from 12 young Israeli agtech companies, and the opportunities for both the innovators and investors in this sector.

Who should attend AgriVest:
Investors and VCs
Agricultural industry multinationals
Leading academic researchers
Government officials
Agtech entrepreneurs and start-ups

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