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ATW Session Spotlight: Blockchain in Ag


Presentation: The Promise of Efficiency & Transparency – Exploring the Role of Blockchain Technology in the Agriculture Economy

Robin Lougee, Research Industry Lead, Consumer Products & Agriculture, IBM Research


Blockchain refers to a highly secure, distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records. It is best known as the technology underpinning Bitcoin, but organizations around the world are examining its use for a variety of applications. Some of the benefits of blockchain are that it creates a very transparent record keeping environment, making it inexpensive to verify and audit transactions, and it can be easily configured for a variety of permission levels, meaning that it can serve both public and private users.

The global nature of agriculture, along with the variety of transactions all along the value chain, makes it an especially  good sector to benefit from the application of blockchain based solutions. IBM is a leader in the development of blockchain technology, and this session will examine the ways blockchain can be used to improve efficiency in agriculture.


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