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ATW Session Spotlight: Farmer Adoption

Session: What Drives Farmer Adoption and What are Realistic Expectations?
Jonah Kolb
, Managing Member, Moore & Warner Ag Group


When “monitor stacks” are a regular feature on tractors, it’s hard to argue that agtech hasn’t taken hold in farming. Barriers to adoption still remain, however, whether it’s cost, a lack of infrastructure, or questions of ownership over data generated by monitoring solutions.

But whatever challenges exist, the actions of both investors and farmers indicate that agtech adoption is accelerating. This session will examine the underlying rationale for agtech adoption and the trends investors looking to enter or increase their exposure in the space can expect moving forward.

Jonah Kolb is Vice President and Managing Member of Moore & Warner Ag Group, LLC in Clinton, Illinois and manages its brokerage subsidiary Moore & Warner Farm Real Estate, LLC. Jonah leads business development and consulting initiatives, working with private and institutional investors to build direct farmland portfolios. He also advises start-ups, private equity and venture capital funds pursuing opportunities in production agriculture and agribusiness.

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