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Mellinger’s Minutes: Executives in Transition

June 22, 2017

Non-Traditional Player Alert – Top Talent – I was contacted this morning by a former senior government figure seeking her next role in the agriculture sector. She had a sense that there may be dynamic and novel types of board and management roles to be found among investors, private equity, venture capital, and agtech non-traditional players who attend Global AgInvesting and GAI AgTech Week conferences.

As these investors/funds allocate more capital to the sector, they find themselves in need of experienced talent who can help them manage their portfolios of emerging and established companies and interactions with industry players and regulatory agencies. We have noticed this trend over the past three years, among the growing list of executives who are attending these conferences who have successfully made the transition to these non-traditional players in some capacity.

For these “Executives in Transition”, we recommend that you participate and get to know these institutional and private investors and asset management firms and their needs.

Greg Mellinger is the CEO of HighQuest Partners

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