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The Next Step in Controlled-Environment Agriculture Automation

August 11, 2017

Indoor farmers will have new options for automation after Agrilyst, which provides farm management and automation software for indoor farms, and controls hardware and software for hydroponic and greenhouse automation provider Motorleaf, will now share data.

The companies announced in a recent press release that connecting Motorleaf devices to Agrilyst’s platform will allow growers to better visualize climate and nutrient information real-time and alongside crop yield data.

“The customer is the most important piece of the puzzle, and facilitating easy access to critical information in an intuitive and plug-and-play environment are two of the things that both Agrilyst and Motorleaf customers already experience. Now for the first time they can do this with both companies working together on their behalf. Welcome to the new way agtech should work for all customers,” says Ally Monk, Motorleaf co-founder and CEO.

“We believe the open exchange of data between systems is critical for farm success and have always been committed to helping farmers access and utilize their data in better ways. We’re excited to work with Motorleaf, who is quickly becoming a key player in advanced indoor controls technology. Connecting to top-of-the line devices will help our customers get the best insights into their operations possible,” says Allison Kopf, Agrilyst founder and CEO.

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